IKEA TRÅDFRI to enter the smart home market

Ikea Trådfri

This is a new series of products to the market for intelligent lighting in the home, thus becoming IKEAcompete with products like Philips Hue.

It is not the first time we hear about IKEA rival Osram, Philips and other solutions for smart lighting, but finally here comes the products first at the Danish market.

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HomeKit enabled homes: Communications Hill
Here is the first HomeKit-enabled community

One of the first Homekit-enabled communities comes from KB Home

Welcome to the future. It is right there in SanJose, no more than 20 minutes from Silicon Valley. Here home builders KB Home is doing an entire community at the Promenade at Communication Hill in California, which is a full smart home driven by Apple’s HomeKit. It contains HomeKit enabled devices such as lights, fans, locks and thermostats. All controlled by your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV or spoken via Siri commands.

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Eve Light Switch by Elgato
Elgato Eve Light Switch review

HomeKit enabled light swtich

You might already know Elgato. They have some serious HomeKit products which has been around for some time now. The latest product is the Eve Light Switch which transforms any single or multi-bulb smart setup into an intelligent lighting system by replacing your old plain wall switch.

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Philips Hue Halloween light
Spice up your Halloween with Philips Hue

Halloween is comming soon

Philips Hue is a great and fun way to spice up your Halloween decoration. We all know that scary sounds is a great way to make your home scary but with lights to set the mood you get the most scary house on you neighborhood. Carve a large pumpkin and place it on your porch. Place a Philips Hue Go inside and program this to a scary red light or make it change slowly so the pumpkin head changes all the time.

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Philips Hue Motions Sensor package
Philips Hue Motion Sensor Review

The Philips Hue ligtning system has become very popular and besides minor modifications of bulbs and of the app it hasn’t changed much… Until now!

Now Philips gives us the new Philips Hue Motion Sensor.

Philips Hue Motion SensorLooking at it makes you wonder what on earth this little plastic thingy can do for you, if anything at all. But then you get to know it and actually fall in love with it. As the name says it is a motion sensor and a tiny one. It runs on 2 AA batteries and is wireless so you can place it anywhere you want or exactly where you need it, on a table, a shelf, on the floor or mount it to a wall or the ceiling. It covers an angle of 100 degrees so it os fairly wide and can cover a large room such as your living room or a large hallway.

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Philips Hue start kit
Philips Hue test and review

Philips Hue

We all have an ongoing desire to make our home more cozy, it may be new furniture, curtains, knick-knacks and many other things, but few think of the effect that light has on both your home and well-being. Until now, a dimmer and on and off the switch, was the answer to variation of one’s lighting, but with Philips Hue it opens up a whole new world.

Philips has made a series of lamps, lights and light strips that are controlled via an app on your smartphone, they are called Hue. It’s a whole new way to illuminate your home – forget about dimmers and switches, you control it all via an app where you also can save your favorite settings and recall them with a single tap. And with the new Hue Bridge 2.0 everything is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

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Review: August Smart Lock

Intelligent locking system

The August Smart Lock is a smart lock you attach to your front door to make the unlocking intelligent and automatic. Locks are some of the most important devices in your home but can also be very annoying if you loose your keys or your neighbour suddenly needs to get in to your home to help you out. Making the lock intelligent ease most of these pains as you can control the lock in many other ways than just a simple metal key.

It integrates with Apples HomeKit which means you control it just like all of your other HomeKit devices. Meaning you can use Siri to lock and unlock your door. You can tell Siri things like “Lock the front door” or ask “Is the front door secured?” and Siri will respond appropriately. Especially if you own an Apple Watch this is very usefull since you just tell your watch to unlock the door before carrying all the grozeries to your door.

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